Mike Brissett Pipes

The pipes listed on my site from Mike Brissett are the last of his inventory.

He was a local pipe makers from West Allis Wisconsin (Just down the road from my shop)

He used high quality briar, and had a fantastic eye for detail.

From Mike's website:

All of the pipes that I offer are hand carved and carefully crafted from top quality, air cured briar. They are designed to provide a lifetime of enjoyable smoking.

The draft hole is bored to 4mm for an easy, open draw, and is tapered and polished internally, the length of the stem.

Unless noted, all of these pipes will pass a pipe cleaner.


Some pipes have as a thin layer of activated carbon has been applied to the tobacco chamber, using a natural binding agent composed of the same sugars in the proportions that are naturally found in pipe tobacco.

I believe this significantly aids the break in process, protects the briar during it's initial introduction to fire, and forms the foundation for a solid and even cake build up.

*If not already applied Stem and Briar is more than happy to apply this same layer upon request.