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How To Send In Your Repair

I get asked this a lot, so here's a quick 1-2-3 on sending in a repair, and what to include and expect.

How To Send in a Repair

1.    Package up your pipe(s) and send them via the courier of your choice to the following address:

        Stem & Briar LLC
        c/o James Connelly
        9211 S. Nicholson Rd.
        Oak  Creek, Wisconsin

So that I can properly identify one package from the next, please include a note along with your pipe(s) containing:

       a.  Your Name
       b.  Your E-mail (if available).  If you do not have an e-mail, than please add some detail on the repairs(s) you would like done.  
      c.  Your Phone Number

2.    Please send a quick E-mail just to give a heads up that I  should be on the lookout for a package.
        Also, include the requests for the repair work to be done.  
        It's easiest for me to pull up your email before starting work and ask question if I have any,
        but I'm happy to call and discuss too if that's easier.

 3.   Once repairs are completed, I will send and email off with the invoice and get your pipe(s) back!
        If  any questions come up during repair, I will make sure to contact you before proceeding.

That's it!  any questions?   Send me an E-mail, or give a call at 414-949-PIPE (7473)