A proper pipe Rejuvenation Includes:
          • Removing all carbon buildup from tobacco chamber
          • Remove all charring and refinish rim if needed
          • Remove mild scraps, and scratched from bowl   
          • Reopen airway to proper specifications
          • Deep sanitize and clear entire airway for a “like new” freshness.
          • Buff and Polish pipe and apply fresh Carnauba Wax
          • An attempt to remove bite marks will be made.  If the stem if to far damaged, replacement may be advised.
          • If more work is required, the customer will first be contacted and consulted before anything additional is done.
          • This method cleaned pipes so well that even those stubborn "ghost" odors will be eliminated!
          • Single Pipes in average condition - $12 50 each.
          • Bulk cleanings (10+ pipes or more) - $10.00 each.
          • If you pipe has a deeply oxidized stem or contains large amounts of caking, it will be subject to and additional $3.50.