Pipes For Sale

I am publishing a listing of Estate Pipes for Sale that have been restored and ready for sale.
All pipes have been sanitized, polished and restored before sale.
An additional carnauba buff will be preformed prior to sale to ensure you pipe looks the best.

I will also be listing any Pipe Accessories For Sale

You can go here to see what pipes have previously sold.


A quick guide to reading listings:

Additional Info

Tenon Type
Ref. Number
 LengthHeight Bowl O.D.Weight Grade
Description and Additional Info: My best effort include the pipe maker, known markings and any information I have on the pipe.  I will also include the type of tenon.  
CLICK on the pipe description text for a larger image.

PriceListed in USD.  The price does not include shipping.  On "Pipes in Progress" ( X ), the price is an estimate upon restoration.

Tenon Type:   Traditional Press Fit, Military Mount, or Screw Style.  Will also indicate if a stinger is present. 
Filtered pipes will be a press fit unless specifically noted.

Ref. Number:  This is an internal catalog number to help with organizing inventory.   
CLICK on the reference number if you wish to send an e-mail about a particular pipe.

Length, Height, Bowl O.D. and Weight:  All dimension are taken to be the maximum (in inches).
i.e.  on a tapered bowl, the dimension will the taken at the greatest outside diameter (O.D.)

Grade: Pipe grading is done from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) I only sell restored and ready to smoke pipes, meaning that the grading 
system is primarily aesthetic in nature.

 1 Will generally have fill marks, scratches, or other issues. These pipes are still quite usable.

  4 Either a pipe that had never been smoked, or smoked lightly with no blemished or other abnormalities.

 2 Moderately smoked pipe that will have at least one major blemish or fill mark.  5 Generally reserved for new or never been smoked pipes. 
Also pipes with excellent grain will be included here.

 3 Lightly smoked, but in average condition with no major fill marks.  X Pipe in Progress.  Will not be sold in current displayed condition. A request to restore can be made, and photos, grading and price will be adjusted when completed.