About Estate Pipes

What is an Estate Pipe?

An estate pipe is any pipe that has been previously owned by someone. This can included both smoked and unsmoked pipes. Unsmoked pipes will be listed in the "New Pipes" pages. Keep in mind that some pipes may have only been used once. That still makes it an estate pipe. Regardless, each estate pipe Stem and Briar offers will go through the complete Rejuvenation Process before it is offered up for sale.

General Info

  • All pipes have been sanitized, polished and restored before sale using my Rejuvenation Process.
  • An additional carnauba wax buff will be performed prior to sale to ensure your pipe looks its best when you get it.
  • Please note the "Pipe Number" under the photo for reference purposes.

Shipping Information:

  • I generally try and ship USPS unless there is another preferred carrier. A USPS Small Flat rate box is approximately $8.35 insured within the United States. International rates vary between $19.95 and $23.95 for USPS Priority Mail depending on location.
  • Other international shipping options are available, and can be worked out prior to sale.
  • A Small Flat rate box can hold approximately 3 pipes and I will combine shipping on multiple orders.

Payment Information:

  • Each pipe listing header will show a quick "★ Click To Buy" options. This will direct you do PayPal with the price of the pipe plus $8.35 standard shipping. Also make sure to click the " Send E-mail" next to that pipe or include the pipe number in the purchasing notes as I have no time to auto populate those at this time.
    • Note: The price on On "Pipes in Progress" (⓪), the price is an estimate upon restoration.
  • You can click May pipes on this page are setup through the Square Marketplace. Simply click "Buy" Below the pipe to add it to your cart.
  • If the item is not on Square yet, e-mail me, and I will send an invoice via PayPal with your purchase and shipping totals.
  • If you do not have PayPal, just e-mail me and we can can work out another method. Most likely I will add the pipe to Square for you

How to Navigate Listings

How to Navigate Listings

  1. The Top header Will show the Pipes Unique ID Number, Price (in USD$) and quick "★ Click To Buy" and a " Send E-mail" link for inquiries.
    • Note: The price on On "Pipes in Progress" (⓪), the price is an estimate upon restoration.
  2. Maker, Stampings and Other information is available will be listed in the notes section.
  3. Dimensional Information side as Length, Height, Outside diameter and Weight are given for reference.
  4. Tenon /Filter Type: Options Include Traditional Press Fit, Military Mount, or Screw Style. I will also try indicate if a stinger is present or any other variations on the connection type. Filtered pipes will be a press fit unless specifically noted.
  5. GRADE: Pipe grading is done from ⓪ (Unrestored) to ❺ (Highest). I only sell restored and ready to smoke pipes, meaning that the grading system is primarily aesthetic in nature. Grading can be broken down as follows: