Pipe Rejuvenation

A proper pipe Rejuvenation Includes:

  • Removing all carbon buildup from tobacco chamber.
  • Remove all charring and refinish rim if needed.
  • Remove mild scraps, and scratched from bowl.
  • Re-open airway to proper specifications.
  • Deep sanitize and clear entire airway for a “like new” freshness.
  • Buff and Polish pipe and apply fresh Carnauba Wax


An attempt to remove bite marks will be made. If the stem if to far damaged, replacement may be advised. If more work is required, the customer will first be contacted and consulted before anything additional is done. This method cleaned pipes so well that even those stubborn "ghost" odors will be eliminated!


  • Single Pipes in average condition - $12.50 each.
  • Bulk cleanings (10+ pipes or more) - $10.00 each.
  • If you pipe has a deeply oxidized stem or contains large amounts of caking, it will be subject to and additional $3.50.

For other repairs, full pricing information can be found HERE