Pipe Cleaners Are a Pipe’s Best Friend

  • AFTER SMOKING your pipe, run a pipe cleaner thru the stem all the way to the bottom of the bowl. This absorbs the excess moisture.

  • Keeps your pipe sweeter for you and for those around you.


  • A cool pipe gives you more flavor from both pipe and tobacco. Like foods, if they are too hot you can not enjoy the full flavor. That’s why seasoned smokers rotate their pipes between bowls.

A Few Quick Tips

  • Smoke all the tobacco in the bowl

  • You may smoke one bowl of tobacco 3 or 4 times. Unlike a cigar, there’s no worry if your pipe goes out.

Don't Knock It Out

  • Simply Tamp the remaining tobacco and relight your pipe to continue smoking.

The Reward of Cake

· A good "cake" formed all the way down into .

the heel of the bowl. PROPER CAKE (The carbon formed on inside of bowl) IS IMPORTANT!

· The carbon absorbs moisture giving you a DRIER smoke.

· Retains the flavor of the tobacco giving you a SWEETER smoke.

Don’t Abuse Your Pipe!

To Remove The Ash or Empty a Pipe:

  • Never hit your pipe on a hard object while holding by the mouthpiece.

  • When removing any remaining ash, grasp bottom of bowl, invert and tap gently on a soft surface.

  • If available, cork knockers installed in ashtrays are a much safer alternative and safe you from bruising your briar.