That First Pipe Full of Tobacco!!

  1. TO START: With an empty pipe, take a draw and notice the resistance. There should be NO Resistance (0%).

  2. GENTLY FILL YOUR PIPE: With loosened tobacco lightly fill until it reaches the top of the bowl. When packing your new pipe Small Pinches are best.

  3. TAMP IT DOWN: Using a tamper or pipe nail lightly compress the tobacco down into the bowl. When done you’ll want the bowl at this point to be about 1/2 Full. Tobacco should still be springy.

  4. TEST THE DRAW: There should still little to no change in draw resistance (~0%).

  5. REPEAT: Repeat the process of lightly filling the bowl and compressing the tobaccos to be about 2/3 Full and have a slight draw resistance (5-10%).

  6. FINAL PACK: Again, lightly fill the bowl and compressing the tobaccos to be about 7/8 Full and have a resistance of ~20%. At this point, topping the bowl with some loose smaller pieces will help the initial charring light.

Leaning what works for you is key and takes practice!

Now it’s Time-To Light Up

When flame is applied to the tobacco the tobacco will rise gently.

  • Apply tamper to the lit tobacco

  • Tamp gently while at the same time puff gently. The tobacco is now burning towards the bottom of the bowl instead of toward the top.

Keeping your Pipe Lit

The Secret to a steadily burning tobacco is in the packing method. Each type of mixture burns and packs differently.

  • CUBE CUTS - Loosely packed.

  • FLAKE CUTS - Pack medium firm.

  • MIXED CUTS (med.) - Firmly but with a slight spring.

If your pipe keeps going out: You have packed your blend too tight.

  • CORRECTION: Insert shank poker of pipe tool into back of bowl down to air hole.

If you get tongue bite: You have packed your blend too loose

  • CORRECTION: Tamp gently.