Pipe Spots: Shops, Makers, Repair Services and Historical Locations

The following map is a collection of Pipe Shops, Pipe Makers, Repair Shops and Museums or Historical Locations. If you have any additions, please feel free to contact me with any additions or corrections. Thanks!


Pipe Shop. They carry pipes and or pipe tobacco. They may also (most likely) be a cigar shop, but if you need pipe supplies, they would be a resource.

Premier Pipe Shop. A shop that has a good selection of pipes and caters to the pipe community. These are not all that common which is why they are being called out. If you have one in your area, consider yourself lucky!

Pipe Friendly Cigar Shop. Don't expect any pipe related materials here. These venues are identified as being a good place to enjoy your pipe and more than likely have a nice lounge to enjoy.

Retailer. Generally Online retailers. Some may have onsite locations as well.

Pipe Repair Shop. Pipe restoration and repair shops.

Pipe Maker. Generally referring to artisan pipe carvers

Manufacturer / Blender. Those in the business of actually making our favorite tobacco blends. Generally not a storefront.

Historic Site / Museum. Worthy locations to visit or see pipe related history.

NOTE: Any of the above icons that have been greyed out means that that site is not longer in operation. They have been left on the map to help identify where they were as well as to help keep possible future location up to date.